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Barbed wire machine in detail

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Barbed wire machine is divided into double stranded barbed wire machine, barbed wire machine, double stranded single stranded barbed wire machine, wire mesh Anping Shenghua machinery specializing in the production of barbed wire machine, here we introduce for everybody:

A double stranded barbed wire machine:

Used in the production of barbed wire on galvanized iron; barbed wire on plated iron.

Two, double stranded barbed wire machine

Twist the strand around the strand with a twist and twist. The production of barbed wire winding rebound phenomenon, convenient operation and installation.

Three, single strand barbed wire machine

Used in the production of single strands of barbed wire. The utility model has the advantages of material saving, convenient operation and low noise.

Barbed wire machine products mainly used for isolation and protection of highway and railway, the detention center, pasture, paddock, fruit garden. Telephone calls if necessary!

Label: grassland fence machinegrassland fence machinegrassland fence machine

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